Google Cardboard Is VR’s Gateway Drug | WIRED

Cardboard for iPhone is finally here!  Are you using VR in the classroom already?  Leave a note in the comments if you have ideas for using Cardboard in the classroom. This from Wired: Google announced a new version of Cardboard today at its I/O developer conference. The new version doesn’t come with lots of new […]

Google’s Education Evangelist: All learning is learning. There’s no such thing as virtual learning.

In this great interview, Google’s Jaime Casap talks about the role of teachers and technology in the future of education.  Read more at the E-180 blog. The role of a great teacher is actually becoming more critical in this world.  If you think about the role of a teacher and what they were supposed to do, they […]

Using Comments in Google Docs to Make Thinking Visible | Inquire and Inspire

Kim Pollishuke demonstrates a great way to make thinking visible using Google Docs comments with her student’s writing project. I had been using the “Comments” feature in Google Docs for months to give my students descriptive feedback.  It occurred to me that if they comment on their own work, their thinking would be not only […]

20 Google tools teachers should try (and how to use them in classrooms) – Daily Genius

From the Daily Genius – a nice summary of 20 useful Google tools for teachers. There are a ton of Google tools that you should try out. But not all of them are relevant to your classroom. What’s a teacher to do? Well, leave it to the Daily Genius team who had waaay too much […]