Hour of Code is coming up! What are you doing with your students?

From December 7 to 12, millions of students will spend an hour learning to code.  Hopefully, some of them will keep programming in class or at home.  Here are some resources and links to help teachers code with their kids. How to run an Hour of Code (video) In the Oct 2015 Design Issue, Wired […]

Startup:Education donates $120M to help education

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan committed $120 million to support education.  Their recent blog post gives an update about where the money has gone, including this emphasis on personalized learning: We have also heard from countless parents and educators that our schools need to continue to evolve to truly prepare students for our changing world. There is […]

Ecoballot Ballot-Blog » Blog Archive » Ecoballot Customers: Update about the Scholastico Merger

. . .  Ecoballot has been acquired by Scholastico.com.  The merger is a true win-win for both companies.  If you don’t already know about Scholastico, they have developed three amazing products for school office automation: after-school activity signups, parent-teacher conference registration, and student-teacher feedback surveys.  By acquiring Ecoballot, they add a fourth service to their already […]

7 Ways to Empower Student Changemakers | Edutopia

Vicki Davis writes in Edutopia about ways to empower students as changemakers.  How have you integrated Social Entrepreneurship into your curriculum? Whether it is wells in Africa or standing against genocide, today’s students are more than willing to tackle big problems. Their social media prowess and passion can make them an unstoppable force. . .  How […]

ECIS ICT Committee eNews – March ICT conference in Munich

Just posted on the ECIS ICT Blog is the November news, including this announcement about the March ICT conference to be held in Munich. The Bavarian International School BIS is pleased to be hosting the 2015 ECIS Technology Conference. The main conference will take place on Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22, 2015. An […]

4 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset | EdSurge News

This article by Katie Finley in EdSurge News has a good summary of Carol Dweck’s research into growth mindsets. 1. Think about setting achievable micro-goals to encourage students’ consistent, incremental progress. Small wins repeated over time can lead to a growth mindset (and increased confidence!). 2. When students succeed, praise their efforts and strategies as […]

Google’s Education Evangelist: All learning is learning. There’s no such thing as virtual learning.

In this great interview, Google’s Jaime Casap talks about the role of teachers and technology in the future of education.  Read more at the E-180 blog. The role of a great teacher is actually becoming more critical in this world.  If you think about the role of a teacher and what they were supposed to do, they […]

Is there room for Snapchat in schools?

Snapchat has been associated with “sexting” for so long that very few teachers or schools would consider it to have potential value in an educational setting.  But as Casey Neistat’s recent video shows, Snapchat can be a powerful way to share ephemeral stories.  Is it time to re-think our view on the sexting app?  George […]

ECIS ICT Committee eNews – Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Environments Aaron Tyo-Dickerson, American School of the Hague How would you describe your school’s Virtual Learning Environment? You might begin by describing your school’s desktop, laptop or tablet computers and the software your school has installed on them for teacher and student use. Perhaps you would talk about your network and infrastructure as […]