ECIS ICT Committee eNews – Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Environments

Aaron Tyo-Dickerson, American School of the Hague

How would you describe your school’s Virtual Learning Environment?

You might begin by describing your school’s desktop, laptop or tablet computers and the software your school has installed on them for teacher and student use.

Perhaps you would talk about your network and infrastructure as conduits for teaching and learning.

On the other hand you might talk about your community’s use of a particular learning management system (Moodle, Edmodo, Blackboard) and a collection of collaboration and communication tools (Google Apps, Office 365, et al).

Each of these are ingredients or building blocks of a Virtual Learning Environment (or VLE), and the environment itself is the organic whole, the sum of the individual components. Your school’s virtual learning environment reflects and recreates the vision, mission, and daily activities of your school.

via ECIS ICT Committee eNews – Heading into Fall.

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