Google’s Education Evangelist: All learning is learning. There’s no such thing as virtual learning.

In this great interview, Google’s Jaime Casap talks about the role of teachers and technology in the future of education.  Read more at the E-180 blog.

The role of a great teacher is actually becoming more critical in this world.  If you think about the role of a teacher and what they were supposed to do, they were the “black box” of knowledge.  We needed facts in our heads to survive, to just get along with each other.

In business magazines, you’ll see surveys or information around great managers. A great manager is someone who pushes you and gives space, challenges you, gives you freedom, gives you an opportunity to collaborate, gives you an opportunity to grow. That’s what the role of a teacher is becoming, so it’s even becoming more critical.

via Google’s Education Evangelist Wants to Know What the Heck you Mean by “Virtual Learning” | Magazine E-180.

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