Hour of Code is coming up! What are you doing with your students?

Screenshot 2015-11-24 08.57.54From December 7 to 12, millions of students will spend an hour learning to code.  Hopefully, some of them will keep programming in class or at home.  Here are some resources and links to help teachers code with their kids.

How to run an Hour of Code (video)

In the Oct 2015 Design Issue, Wired magazine mentioned two “magical new coding games”: CodeSpells and CodeCombat.

Product Hunt has a collection of apps and sites which help people learn to code.  It includes CodeCombat, but interestingly doesn’t include Tickle, which is a great block-based iOS app for kids to use.

Lastly, check out Mr. C’s blog, where Peter Cameron shares his experiences with Hour of Code and a lesson he learned from his students.

Are you already coding with your students?  Will you be taking part in Hour of Code?  Leave us a message in the comments.

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